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Cyanuric acid-free, more convenient than bleach and easy to maintain

Using a manually adjusted valve and flow meter, the amount of water through the chlorinator is controlled. This results in a constant and predictable rate of chlorine delivery.

The VersaChlor Easy Feed Chlorination System® was designed for commercial pools and spas of all sizes: hotels, fitness centers, schools, aquatic parks, residential units and spas. VersaChlor® consists of two durable chlorinator models and specially engineered calcium hypochlorite tablets.

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A smarter, safer approach to balance your commercial pool water!

The Acid-Rite System® provides reliable pH balancing, is easy to install and maintain.

The Acid-Rite pH Adjustment System® is a simple, safer and effective alternative to bulky liquid acid systems. Utilizing red Acid-Rite sodium bisulfate tablets, the feeder system fits easily into pump rooms making it a convenient and more manageable option for acid adjustment.

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Sustainable solutions for cleaning, treatment and disinfection

The Wapotec® System allows facilities to operate with a better and more consistent water quality, reduces microbiological contamination through filtration, provides a higher ORP with less chlorine residual and is very simple and safe to use.

The Wapotec® System uses a treatment process that incorporates three treatment agents at very low dosage rates of HydroSan®, HydroXan® and Wapo®Floc60. Excellent water quality is obtained through an effective flocculation/filtration process and enhanced oxidation.

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Reliable and innovative solutions for the global water treatment market

Walchem® integrates its advanced sensing, instrumentation, fluid handling and communications technologies to deliver reliable and innovative solutions to the global water treatment market.

The Walchem pools and spas controllers® are among the most accurate and reliable in the industry. Walchem® covers most sectors: commercial, municipal, aqua parks, relaxing spas, and more. Control your pH, ORP, chlorine/bromine free or total PPM levels, salt systems, liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets.

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Palintest® technologies test for a wide range of critical water quality parameters, helping safeguard water for everyone, every day

Regular testing of pool and spa facilities is required to ensure the safety of swimmers and protect the pool infrastructure. Effective water management enables the optimisation of your treatment plan, maintaining water balance and disinfection control.

Palintest® offers a range of testing solutions to suit commercial pool and spa users: photometers, visual products, reagents tablets.

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A strong smell of chlorine, itchy eyes? You are probably in the presence of trichloramine!

Trichloramine is a volatile gas derived from chloramines found in water. It is irritating to the respiratory tract, eyes and skin. Recognized as an occupational disease, in many countries (Rhinitis and occupational asthma).

Triklorame V2® is a new efficient and simple portable measurement tool of trichloramine in the air. Ready to obtain an exposure rate in a faster way with a clear and exact indication of the value in mg / m3.

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Reinvent your space!

Because your garden is a living area to be pampered, Grosfillex® has imagined furniture collections just for you, combining comfort and elegance.

Discover the Grosfillex’s outdoor & indoor collections®: tables, chairs, umbrellas, sun loungers and accessories just for your place.

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