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International clauses, national codes of water treatment, the regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools, as well as, standards (such as DIN) require to achieve a better water quality for the comfort of swimmers and staff. It is suggested to keep combined chlorine as low as possible, but always under 0,5 mg/l (0.5 ppm). This often makes modifications to existing water treatment plan unavoidable.

The WAPOTEC® SYSTEM filtration process is done in 4 steps; however, it could be adjusted according to the existing treatment system.

The WAPOTEC® SYSTEM uses a treatment process that incorporates three treatment agents at very low dosage rates of HydroSan®, HydroXan® and WAPO®Floc60. Excellent water quality is obtained through an effective flocculation/filtration process and enhanced oxidation.

The WAPOTEC® SYSTEM allows facilities to operate with a better and more consistent water quality, reduces microbiological contamination through filtration, provides a higher ORP with less chlorine residual and is very simple and safe to use.

This technology is based on the standard procedure:

Coagulation – Filtration – Chlorination

The objective being is to find the optimal balance between:

Process with liquid agent that requires three products:

  • Flocculation / Filtration process: HydroSan • WapoFloc60
  • Chlorine dioxide process: HydroXan

You only need a simple dosing and measure unit installation at reasonable cost:

  • A dosage unit for each product.
  • A container for each product (optional).
  • Balanced water test kit.

The bather benefits from amazingly clear water with flawless microbiological analysis, better skin compatibility and excellent air quality.


  • Save time and money.
  • Improve water clarity.
  • Improve bather comfort.
  • Get rid of pool odor.
  • Reduce chlorination by products (e.g. chloramines and trihalomethans/chloroforme).
  • Reduce life cycle cost for aquatic facilities.


  1. At the beginning, the sand is partially replaced at the filter by the MultiSorp®A and the MultiSorp®C.
  2. Later, three dosage pumps are placed. Previously, in the filter are injected the coagulant (WAPO®Floc60) and the floculant (HydroSan®) that get rid of tiny suspended particles, greatly improving the filtration process and the need of using a clarifier.
  3. After, HydroXan® is injected at the filter, which is going to react with the free chlorine to create a clean oxidant that will not interact with the ammonium, reducing the chloramines, the dissolved solids and trihalomethanes.
  4. Finally, the inorganic chlorine dosage is needed (liquid, powder, tablet, gas or salt-based electrolysis process) to assure the disinfection by free chlorine and to correct the pH if necessary.

The Wapotec filters® are delivered with the Hyflow diffuser, which prevents filtered material distortion and allows an efficient rinse in the filtration layer. Wapotec® Hyflow Diffuser can be easily adapted to existing filters and meets the flat surface requirements.

The Wapotec® system considerably lowers phosphates that ease algae formation, eliminates iron and manganese through oxidation, which are found free on thermal waters after a shock chlorination treatment or monosulphate of potassium.

For 40 decades, Wapotec® has been in forefront of process innovations in pools and spa water treatments.

Numerous patents have been granted and registered. An extensive intellectual property investment ensures unique and valuable business opportunities and proactive customer solutions.

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Wapotec® offers specially made tested solutions to measure, to set and to dose the Wapotec® system:


Distinguishes itself through simple use for surface and pipeline cleaning as well as filter material regeneration

Surface cleaning:
DesoPur® not only distinguishes itself through its affectivity against biofilm, but is also compatible with bacteriostatic and chlorination because it does not contain any water quality-impairing additives.

Filter Contamination:
The problem of filter contamination is a growing challenge for many operators. Many procedures only achieve short-term improvements because the biofilm cannot be completely removed.

After determining the source of contamination, it can be efficiently and economically cleaned with multi-level DesoPur®Fluid and DesoPur®Clean processing. Legionella and pseudomonas can be lastingly removed through biofilm oxidation. The DesoPur® Fluid System uses special automated dosing and circulation systems for pre- and main processing.

Regeneration of activated carbon:
DesoPur® processing also enables activated carbon regeneration (for example out of ozone systems in the filter) and thereby saves expensive material replacement including disposal and involved standstill periods.


Wapotec® now provides a line of high-quality photometers and reagents, specifically designed to monitor pool quality. HydroQuant® photometers and reagents offer a precise and simple on-site measurement eliminating the guess-work of other methods. HydroQuant® controllers are available to control numerous standard water quality parameters but also chlorine dioxide, turbidity and particle counting.

The advantages

  • Auto Power-off function.
  • Date and time read in real time.
  • Exposures display.
  • Graphic display (illuminated).
  • Setting several water parameters.
  • Unique zero point calibration.
  • IR interface printing, saving.
  • Cost and performance extremely advantageous.
  • High performance HydroQuant® reactive use.
  • Waterproof.

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