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Following the government recommendations, we will work remotely until April 12th inclusively.

  • For all questions related to a technical problem please contact François Martel by email at fmartel@asiexpertaqua.ca or by phone at 514-941-2475
  • For any question relating to administration, billing or CPO courses, please contact Jean-Pierre Lajoie by email at jplajoie@asiexpertaqua.ca or by phone at 514-592-1031

For any sanitation / pool emergencies or in doubt, call JP or Frank immediately.

Specialized in aquatics, since 1994.
Commercial and institutional swimming pools and spas.

Established in 1994, A.S.I. Aquatic Expert is a company that has developed its expertise providing water quality and air quality solutions, for commercial and institutional swimming pools and spas.

We are proud to have as our customers: hotels, aquatic centres, fitness centers, school boards, municipalities, spas, residential units, housing facilities, health centers, property management companies and much more.

A.S.I. Aquatic Expert a proud distributor for renowned manufacturers such as: Versachlor, Wapotec, Acid-Rite, Walchem, Iwaki, Palintest, Hayward, Pentair, Grosfillex, S.R. Smith, GLB, Taylor and many more!

At A.S.I. Aquatic Expert you will receive technical support according to your needs after purchasing our products – equipment or/and chemicals.

If you require assistance related to specific parts you can’t find elsewhere, filtration equipment, circulation, automation systems, chlorination systems, products for water analysis, safety, rescue and first aid equipment, automatic cleaners (robots) or institutional furniture; call us, we will be pleased to help you find a solution!

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Product highlight of the week:


Palintest Rapid tablets are designed to deliver the active reagent quickly without the need for crushing or handling.

  • High quality reagents guaranteeing reliable results.
  • Pharmaceutical grade packaging delivers reagents a long shelf life.
  • Simple testing methods including our Alkavis™ single step alkalinity measurement and tablet count method for calcium hardness.
  • Pack of 250 tablets.


Are you aware that you can get sick while visiting a SPA? Microbiological test
One-third of Quebec’s recreation centers offer their customers spas whose water contains a disturbing amount of potentially harmful bacteria, according to a survey published by the Journal de Montreal.

The valuable opinion of Jean-Pierre Lajoie, co-president of A.S.I Aquatic Expert, special guest on the Mario Dumont show, shares his point of view…

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Many contaminants can not be seen or tasted in the water, so the only way to really make sure your water is safe is to test it.

Even if the presence of a particular contaminant is obvious, especially in the case of the reddish spots left on devices bt the water containing iron, by having your water tested you will be able to quantify the problem and make an easier choice regarding the best water treatment possible…

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