Microbiological test

Why should I do a test?

Many contaminants can not be seen or tasted in the water, so the only way to really make sure your water is safe is to test it. Even if the presence of a particular contaminant is obvious, especially in the case of the reddish spots left on devices bt the water containing iron, by having your water tested you will be able to quantify the problem and make an easier choice regarding the best water treatment possible.

Is there a time and a place to test your water?

To be honest… all the time. You never know when the quality of your water can change.

Bacteria you can find

  • Coliformes totaux et bactéries atypiques
  • Coliformes fécaux (E. Coli)
  • Streptocoques fécaux et entérocoques
  • BHAA (Bactéries Hétérotrophes Aérobies et Anaérobies)

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