Triklorame V2: Air quality testing kit

A strong smell of chlorine, itchy eyes?
You are probably in the presence of trichloramine!

Trichloramine is a volatile gas derived from chloramines found in water. It is irritating to the respiratory tract, eyes and skin. Recognized as an occupational disease, in many countries (Rhinitis and occupational asthma).

It is created by the combination of chlorinated products used for the disinfection of water and nitrogen pollution brought by the bathers’ organic matter (sweat, saliva, urine…)

How to determine the exposure rate of trichloramine in the air?

A.S.I. Aquatic Expert is proud to present a new efficient and simple portable measurement tool of trichloramine in the air:

The Triklorame V2 of Syclope Électronique is reliable, ready to obtain an exposure rate in a simpler and faster way with a clear and exact indication of the value in mg / m3

In fact, the equipment indicates after a minimum of two hours of exposure a rate in mg/m3. This material allows measuring occupational exposure limits (OELs) over 8 hours with only one sample.

Its objective is to optimize the measurement of trichloramine in the air, in order to better protect the users and the personnel on the swimming pool.


  • Simplified portable measurement of trichloramine in the air.
  • Clear and precise display in mg/m3.
  • No hazardous chemicals to handle.
  • Concentration measurement.
  • Same sampling techniques as accredited laboratories.
  • Reliable analysis or occupational exposure limit (OEL) of 4h, 6h, 8h…
  • No interference with ozone or nitrites.

Facilities concerned: Indoor public swimming pools, changing rooms, lobbies, mechanical rooms, spas, agribusiness industries.

Engineered by SYCLOPE Électronique, a French manufacturer specialist in water analysis and treatment (swimming pools, potable water and industrial process water applications).

It was developed in partnership with the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety for the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases – France) to better protect people exposed (employees and swimmers).

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In 4 steps, the trichloramine in the air rate is measured:

  1. Air sampling (NO PUMP and NO CHEMICAL REAGENTS) for trichloramine fixing.
  2. Use of the pellet in a solution to dissolve the trichloramine molecules captured.
  3. Measure of the trichloramine in the air with the portable analyser.
  4. Direct reading of the rate in mg/m3

Prevention and corrective actions

  1. Specific and regular measures to respond to an imme­diate problem (following a complaint from a master swim­mer or users… ) with a return to action within 1h.
  2. Occupational exposure limit value with a measurement over 8h.
  3. Mapping risk areas of the pool to implement prevention and corrective actions.

Watch the video: How to measure trichloramine in the air with Triklorame V2?

Triklorame V2 analysis kit

Quantity Designation Picture
1 Triklorame : measuring device of trichloramine
1 Sampling device
1 Sampling cuvette
1 Tweezers
1 Syringe 10 mL
20 Sample filters with lot number and expiry date.
1 Dilution solution 500 mL
2 Battery AA (Triklorame, measuring device)
3 Battery AAA (Sampling device)

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